Our “Botxo”, or BILBAO as we call it, has something special that makes us recall the numerous plans and enjoyable moments with friends (your cronies, your “cuadrilla”) with Bilbao as the hub.

In BILBAO you can choose where to go, among an amazing Cultural agenda, a top ten of musical events, BBK LIVE, BIME, numerous concerts in BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Center) and in private halls, 2018 MTV Awards ceremony. In addition, there are sports events for all tastes: we hosted the world Basketball championship and now in 2018 we have hosted the RUGBY WORLD CUP, RED BULL Cliff Diving, races and marathons, (even at night-time, long live running).You will also get to know Basque Sport: we play Basque “pelota” (hand- and wicker-basket versions) in the “frontones” (courts), we lift rocks, we cut tree-trunks and we sail the waves in “traineras”. There is just one thing missing: that you decide what, where and who with. You will have endless opportunities to enjoy yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Ohhhh and don’t forget: a football team to cheer and support: our ATHLETIC DE BILBAO (don’t you know the red and white stripped T-shirts?) and the basketball team BILBAO BASKET (the colour is black). Just wait and see how you’ll get hooked and will cheer for our teams to win their place on the world map. Here in BILBAO is where we experience everything with intensity and passion. So, don’t hesitate, we’re waiting for you!