If you want to dream you will need to look for a place to live in BILBAO that inspires you. For this reason, prior to your arrival we recommend you research well in advance the different accommodation options. Do not leave it for the last minute because then you will have to choose among “what is left”. This way you will avoid last minute surprises and inconveniences and you will be able to find the ideal place that best suits your interests and, of course, your pocket! If this is what you decide: take the initiative ahead of time and review your options.

Bilbao is a great small city. In other cities you will waste a lot of time travelling from one place to another, but in Bilbao everything is just a stone’s throw away. What’s more, we have an excellent public transport network which takes you from your house to wherever you want to go, whether to college, concerts, surfing, to the mountains or going out with friends.