On the outskirts of Bilbao you will find the perfect setting to organise whatever plans you have in mind. Bilbao belongs to the province of Biscay which has amazing natural spaces (Remember GAME OF THRONES?). And not only that, Bilbao and Biscay are also part of the Basque Country, a land that offers you hospitality and receives visitors with open arms. So many things to see, so many things to do, so many experiences to live. It’s amazing!

No doubt you will study, but you will also have a great time: you will go to parties (“jaiak”), you will go on pub eating crawls (“pintxos”), you’ll get to know amazing landscape, and much more. Here we know how to enjoy what we have and you will quickly realise this. You will become one of us, one more bilbaíno or bilbaína, as we proudly say here: “home is where you make it”.